Book: Building Embedded Systems 6/30/2016

Changyi Gu,
Building Embedded Systems - Programmable Hardware
APress, 06/2016

This is the first book I have published. I have been a tinker of things for the better part of my life. And the successful launch of this book  has given me the illusion of being capable of tinkering words (Please pardon my naivety.). So now I become a blogger.

This blog is supposed to casually record the itsy-bitsy that I gleaned, in the hope that some of which can be useful to others. As the old saying goes: one man's limerick is another man's clue trail. And please forgive me if the topic is too trivial or awfully naive.

BTW, readers are welcomed to leave comments here regarding my book. But I can not promise I will be able to respond in a timely fashion.

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 Legal Disclaimer 6/29/2016

The content of this blog is licensed under a creative common license. The full text of the license can be found here.

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