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    Posted by Changyi at 11:55 AM


  • On 1/27/2018 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous  Said

    I have been going through your book and like it very much for its succinct and practical approach. However as a software developer who is self-educating himself in Hardware aspects of embedded systems, i have a request for you. Could you write up some "annexes/addendum/technical notes" to the book on some specific subjects?

    There is a lot of "debug/flash probes/traces/links" etc. hardware/software which is very confusing to a beginning embedded developer. Though it is easy to use them by following the tutorials found on the web, understanding what exactly they do and how the HW/SW work together is not clear for a newbie. Hence could you write-up some technical notes on the following?

    1) Take well known Segger as an example. How does the J-link probe work with its software? What exactly is it and what does it do? This can be an annex to Chapter 3.

    2) A open source free embedded development setup using Eclipse+OpenOCD+JTAG(FTDI/J-link EDU/EDU mini). This would be very very helpful for actual developers.

    Thank you.


  • On 2/19/2023 11:22 PM, Blogger Lusye Parker  Said

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